Rethinking WA's Property Platform

Land Services is an Australian company that manages the Property Title Registry and Valuation Roll on behalf of the State Government. Land Services was exploring the possibility of expanding their property research platform into the Western Australian market.




To mitigate risk in a saturated market, Land Services sought to understand the potential demand for their South Australian product among agents and valuers in Western Australia. We Discover was tasked with understanding the likelihood of adoption of target users, while simultaneously identifying potential areas for improvement within the platform. The goals for our research included:

- To gauge desirability of Property Edge in the WA marketplace with Agents and Valuers.

- To uncover improvements for further uptake of Property Edge among Agents and Valuers.

- To provide recommendations on who Land Services WA should target.


The project kicked off with stakeholder interviews to obtain further insights into the product offerings, and to better understand the needs, goals and pain points of the target market. By analysing the current platform, we obtained a deep understanding of existing features, as well as new features that were being implemented into an upcoming release.  

We managed the recruitment process by creating recruitment guides, as well as coordinating the scheduling of participants. Qualitative research consisted of a round of user interviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of users’ work processes, behaviours and attitudes, and to extract feedback on their property research platform.

Establishing an initial segmentation of user personas allowed us to highlight those more likely to adopt the platform. The research also identified a set of unique features and functionalities that were not currently offered by competitor products.

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The research findings were presented to the project team and key stakeholders, providing insights on the appeal of their property research platform among Western Australian agents and valuers. Additionally, feedback and recommendations were given on who Land Services should target if they were to launch their property research platform in WA. Equipped with these research findings, Land Services gained valuable knowledge to enhance their product offering and adjust their roadmap.



User Interviews