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Paving the way for a net-zero future

Trace aims to empower businesses in reaching net-zero. Their digital platform and expert team guide businesses through the journey, with high-tech features to analyse carbon footprints, as well as providing actionable insights and solutions to help these businesses effect positive change towards sustainability.




There are numerous barriers to climate action, and individuals and businesses lack the power and effective tools to take immediate steps towards making a change. Trace has set out to change this and is on a mission to assist every business in achieving Net Zero. This is done through measuring, reducing, setting targets, and harnessing the power of your workforce to achieve these goals. We have partnered with Trace from the very beginning as their creative and experience design studio. Our role is to design an all-in-one experience for a two-sided platform and optimise it for workflow efficiency, customer retention, and acquisition. 


Product Design (UX/UI) - The majority of our efforts, however, are centered around the product design of the digital platform itself. Throughout the ongoing retainer, we have worked with Trace's product team and developers in consecutive week-long sprints to uplift existing features, as well as expand the platform to include new and complex functionalities. As part of this process, we have also been involved in setting up the foundation of Trace's design system and design language as the product matures.

Creative Direction - We have been integral to their journey since inception, continually refining their digital identity to align with their evolution as a company dealing with larger businesses and more sophisticated features. Beyond the logo, fonts, and colours, we have expanded the brand identity to encompass a broader variety of cohesive patterns and styles. This allows Trace to stay adaptable and helps the company define its position and relevance in an increasingly competitive industry.

Marketing - In addition to designing parts of the Trace website, we have also supported Trace with marketing collateral for numerous events and initiatives outside their digital platform. This includes designs for social media posts on Instagram, course certification badges, and even a physical event booth.

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  • Since 2020, Trace has measured and managed a total of 282,247 tonnes of CO2.
  • Measured and managed carbon emissions in 8 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, the UAE, and the United States.
  • Launched a new Partner portal for accountants across the UK, NZ, and AU.
  • Launched their integration with Xero to speed up measurement.
  • Providing businesses with access to measure their emissions, set targets, and unlock the power of their workforce to reach net zero.
  • Efficient tools, consolidated data, third-party integrations, and learning material that create the critical efficiency required to scale energy savings.

The community surrounding Trace continues to thrive, with numerous new partners joining the platform and exciting new features being introduced regularly.

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280t CO2


"We Discover have been a fantastic asset to the growth of our company. They're a lovely team with a thorough design approach to everything they do. They deliver high quality UI/UX ! I couldn't recommend them more highly"

Joanna Auburn

Co founder & CPO - Trace