NSWs licensing Platform redesigned

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We were engaged by Government Technology Platforms to design and deliver a new Noticeboard/Portal for their client Liquor & Gaming NSW.  This new Noticeboard/Portal will be used by the public to access, view and apply for liquor and gaming licences. A big part of this engagement was also to introduce and uplift the Government Technology Platforms and Liquor & Gaming NSW teams on new ways of working.


  • Improve the current Noticeboard using a customer-centric approach including user research, service design, product feature design and validation.
  • Provide mentorship and outputs in relation to new ways of working throughout this project for Government Technology Platforms project teams.
  • Implement the NSW Government’s new Digital Design System, the first implementation of the new system.


We assembled a multidisciplinary team including product and agile consultants and product and visual designers to work across representatives from Government Technology Platforms and Liquor and Gaming NSW.

We engaged across four phases before reaching the delivery phase. We started with a discovery phase to extract and map the current offering, then a service design phase to map the ideal state, then created a product roadmap for short and medium-term feature development. We then moved into design and testing solutions and assumptions with key users and customers over three rounds of testing in order to validate and prioritise the desired design features for the following delivery phase.

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Through our processes of mapping out the current and future state, we identified key areas for improvement:

Consolidation of the Noticeboard onto Government Technology Platforms technical infrastructure for real-time data and updates.

Expansion of the current Application Portal capabilities to support more of the application lifecycle.

Integration between the Noticeboard to Salesforce and their internal tools to allow for automatic and real-time workflow and documents management.


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As a partner, We Discover were shoulders above others in terms of their approach and outputs. We moulded as one team and they lead the way validating our product roadmap and meeting all our project requirements and deadlines. They are a great team to work with!

Dennis Van Rooyen , Lead Project Manager

NSW Dept. of Customer Services