Designing a liquid staking ETH protocol

Swell is a non-custodial ETH liquid staking protocol that helps stakers and node operators optimise yield in DeFi. It was founded in late 2021 with a desire to safeguard Ethereum and has since evolved into a fully functioning protocol.


Revamping Swell: A Successful Rebranding and Redesign Project for their Staking Product


Swell approached us seeking our expertise in rebranding and redesigning their staking product. We were thrilled to be involved in this project, as it played a crucial role in shaping Swell's new product vision and relaunch.


Our objective was to develop a new brand and a web/product experience that revolutionises the concept of staking. 

We started the engagement with branding workshops to align the team on the vision and direction of the product and brand. We iterated on their branding and incorporated it into a minimal and clean UI and responsive experience that sets them apart from their competitors. We also designed and developed their new website using Webflow, so the team can maintain it themselves.

We introduce best practices and an easy-to-use experience to staking that provides stakers and node operators with the essential tools to maximise their yield in the DeFi space. We designed their new user experience to empower users and enable them to optimise their staking strategies, ultimately leading to greater financial gains.

Check out our work in action:

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Our challenge was to strike a balance in the design of Swell, pushing it beyond the ordinary while avoiding going overboard. The DeFi landscape is diverse, with experiences ranging from conventional and corporate to playful and space-themed. Within just seven days of launching Swell's new brand and product experience, the community has staked over 12 million USD, a remarkable surge compared to the previous year with the old brand and product experience, which saw only 400k staked. We are extremely excited to witness Swell's product journey and are eager to collaborate on more features, immersing ourselves in the dynamic world of DeFi.

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$74M USD




“The team at We Discover were pivotal at designing a 0 to 1 product for our stakers that was beautiful and intuitive. The solid product provided enough trust for our users to stake what is now $12m USD in 10 days in a brand they never heard of.”

Kevin Chee, CPO

Swell Network